Human Cell Renewal Timeline

Cell replacement every 7 years means that it takes 7 years for all the cells in your body to complete a renewal.
Under normal circumstances, the human body will regenerate 98% of the body's tissue cells within half a year. If we do a good job of detoxification and provide the body cells with high-quality materials, we will reap a relatively healthy and brand-new self after half a year. This is because the cells in our body are constantly renewing themselves.

  1. White blood cells - hours to days
  2. Gut - 2-5 days
  3. Stomach - 3-7 days
  4. Platelets - 5-9 days
  5. Taste - 10-14 days (Anything that causes inflammation such as infection or smoking can damage the taste buds, affecting their renewal and weakening their sensitivity.)
  6. Bone marrow stem - 13-20 days
  7. Lung surface - 14-21 days (About 1 year for the air bubbles, or air sac cells, deep in the lungs that exchange oxygen and gases.)
  8. Skin - 14-28 days
  9. Eyelashes and eyebrows - 6-8 weeks
  10. Red blood cells - 80-120 days (renewal frequency is 4 months, and aging red blood cells will be destroyed by spleen, liver, etc.)
  11. Liver storage - 150-180 days (liver cells only have a lifespan of about 150 days)
  12. Fingernails - 6 months
  13. Toenails - 10 months
  14. Hair - 3-6 years
  15. Bones - 10 years (After middle age, the rate of bone renewal will slow down, which is the cause of osteoporosis.)
  16. Cardiac stem cells - 20 years
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