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Made in Hong Kong

Fat Slimming Tea

Fat Slimming Tea

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Improper diet, impaired temper, impaired spleen function. In addition, most modern people have the habit of sitting for a long time. "Long-term lying hurts the energy, and sitting for a long time hurts the flesh." Insufficient physical activity and lack of righteousness. Long-term "sitting" tends to accumulate fat, leading to problems such as excess body fat, excess visceral fat, and constipation.

This product is helpful for laxative, invigorating Qi and reducing swelling, or helping to stabilize blood fat. It helps to reduce the content of fat materials in the blood of the human body, making the blood flow more smooth. This tea is neither cold nor heat, does not contain western medicine ingredients or any additives, is mild and healthy, and can be brewed and drunk at any time. Gradually achieve the effect of slimming fat from daily drinking, and improve the risk of some chronic diseases that obesity may suffer from.

Suitable for people concerned about: constipation, large food intake, high stress, heavy dampness, excess body fat, high anger, difficulty falling asleep, and excessive visceral fat.


1-3 teabag(s) a day. Take out the teabag(s) and put the teabag(s) into a thermos cup. Fill in 300ml boiling water and close the lid for 10 minutes before pouring the tea into a cup for tasting. Refill water for several times. The tea can achieve better effect when boil for 3-10 minutes in the health care bottle.


This product is prohibited for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding , and children under the age of 12. This natural product can only be used as a supplement but not a substitute for any medication. Store this product in cold and dry place, and keep out of reach of children.

Passed safety test on pesticide residue levels. Passed safety test on heavy metal levels.

The picture above is for reference only. The real object should be considered as final.

Made in Hong Kong

*This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.


6g per teabag, 6 teabags in a box

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Fat Slimming Tea

Expelling oil and burning fat, improving laxative

  • Sandy Wong
    Age: 64 years old
    Tea: The Imperial Tea, Stone Nemesis Tea
    Reasons for drinking tea: fall, foot injury, eczema, kidney stone
    Tea drinking time: 7 months
    Symptoms before drinking tea: bad feet, high blood pressure, diabetes
    What is the improvement after drinking tea: After drinking tea, the dampness diagnosis first came out, and then the hidden kidney stone was discovered. After drinking for more than a month, the dampness diagnosis improved, and the stones disappeared after another month. Even the blood pressure and blood sugar were lowered.

  • Tommy
    Age: 25 years old
    Tea type: The Imperial Tea
    Tea drinking time: more than 2 months
    Symptoms before drinking tea: excessive uric acid, wound swelling after parotid tumor surgery, facial edema
    What is the improvement after drinking tea: uric acid returned to normal, occasional drinking every week and gout did not recur, parotid gland tumor wound no longer swollen, facial edema disappeared, and the whole person was refreshed.

  • Cellist Laurent Perrin
    Tea type: The Imperial Tea
    What is the improvement after drinking tea: After drinking tea, the left hand that is used to press the strings feels a very obvious difference, and the whole hand becomes flexible and comfortable, which has changed the feeling of pressing the strings when I play the cello. It is very amazing, it is not a feeling of gradual improvement, but a very obvious change, and it will take effect immediately after sleeping.

  • Sanny
    Age: middle-aged
    Tea type: The Imperial Tea / Haemorrhoids & Laxative Tea / Cleansing Lung & Nourishing Throat Tea
    Reasons for drinking tea: Tracheal sensitivity, Cough and Influenza
    Tea drinking time: 3 months
    Symptoms before drinking tea: itchy nose and throat, deep shadow, nasal congestion, asthma, and cough and wheeze at night.
    What is the improvement after drinking tea: more yellow phlegm is coughed up, less asthma, deep shadow much lightered, itchy nose and throat improved.

  • Dr. Rose
    Tea type: Stone Nemesis Tea
    What is the improvement after drinking tea:Drinking 3 teabags of The Stone Nemesis Tea daily, after 2 weeks, the effect is obvious, the bloating and acid reflux are greatly relieved; after 1 month of continuous drinking, the sciatica is relieved by more than 70%; quicksand stones in gallbladder completely disappeared.

  • Mrs Lee
    Tea type: The Imperial Tea
    What is the improvement after drinking tea: 1 teabag of The Imperial Tea a day, and after 1 month, the spots on the face are obvious gone; the sleep has been significantly improved, and can sleep straight till next morning; the menstrual flow has returned to normal; the watery stool after the gallbladder operation is back to normal; the shoulder pain disappears.