About Us

Pu Luo Tang Medicine (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong. The company has an integrated system, including scientific research, procurement, manufacturing, quality control and sales. The company's products are all researched and developed by experienced Chinese medicine practitioners for a long time, and are carefully selected from high-quality materials and quality appraisal.

We adopt high standards for product safety, functionality and quality, and provide high-quality products for the public.​

"Internal Classic, Canon of Medicine, Neiching" describes "The supreme healer cures the illness that is still obscure", "the good healer cures the illness that is about to break out, fully manlfested illness the least able tries to cure."​

The products of Pu Luo Tang may help prevent the disease in advance, clear the disease about to break out, relieve the disease, and regulate the discomfort after the disease. Based on the concept of "prevention before illness" and "early treatment of illness", Pu Luo Tang provides customers with the most suitable and diversified products.

We are committed to integrating this concept into our products to promote a high-quality health care culture.