What is the dizziness reaction? Detox reaction? Adjusted responses?

"Dizziness reaction" is a special reaction phenomenon that appears after taking health care products or medicines, the stagnation of Qi and blood in the meridians of the human body begins to flow, the body is adjusting, the righteousness is strengthened, the battle between good and evil is fierce, and the evil toxins in the body are discharged through various organs of the body. It is also a good response of the body to recovery. Therefore, it is also called "detoxification response" or "adjustment response".
The length of time and the degree of reaction caused by the "dizzy reaction" may be related to individual constitutions, the body's sensitivity to health care products or drugs, and other factors.
detoxification reaction Cause of reaction
Vertigo, dizziness Manifestations of anemia, Qi deficiency, high blood pressure, high blood quality, high blood sugar, phlegm obstruction, and lack of Qi in liver and gallbladder. This is the performance of accelerating blood flow while the vasoconstriction ability cannot keep up, and the performance is out of sync.
Headache Cerebral vasospasm, microcirculatory stasis, brain tumors, reflections of cranial nerve instability, when the microvessels recover their elasticity, the shape of the surrounding tissues is changed.
Cough, phlegm, accompanied by wheezing Bronchitis, pharyngitis, dead phlegm in the lungs, blood stasis, an instinctive reaction to stimulate the tissue when it is excreted outward.
Itchy scalp and dandruff Typical kidney Yang(陽) deficiency reaction. It is the feeling of adaptation after the fat and waste in the hair follicles blocked by the original blood stasis are discharged.
Excessive eye mucus, red and swollen eyes, eye pain After the liver Qi is dredged, it is a manifestation of the microcirculation, microvessels, and microelasticity of the naked eye when it is discharged from the eyes.
Tinnitus, palpitation, chest tightness A manifestation of rhinitis, tonsillitis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and abdominal pain is a manifestation of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
Aphthous Ulcers When the heat, fire, and toxic of the sublingual gland (stomach), parotid gland (spleen), and submandibular gland (kidney) of the human body are excreted outward, a large amount of stasis is formed in the oral cavity.
Dry mouth, dry tongue, frequent urination, excessive farting The body is too acidic, and it is a manifestation of excreting water, greasy, and waste in the cells for many years during weight loss.
Lymphatic pain, sore throat, itching in the mouth, cough Lymph nodes, throats, etc. have diseases or stasis, virus complexes, waste bodies, and blood stasis points begin to loosen or decompose and dredge.
Skin ulceration, bleeding, peeling, local swelling A manifestation of micro-blockage and poor circulation in the skin microcirculation is that the original stasis and lesion have been opened up.
Small redness, swelling, and wheals appear on the skin Inflammation of the gallbladder, bile reflux disease, the weak acidity of the waste in the blood and body fluids of the human body reflects on the skin, the skin cannot bear the adjustment, and produces various new stasis, which is temporary.
itchy skin Cell phagocytosis is enhanced, and Qi and blood in the lesion are circulated. People with poor kidney function and qi stagnation and blood stasis will have extremely itchy skin, and the skin cannot cope with the discharge of a large amount of toxins.
acne A phenomenon in which a large amount of subcutaneous fat is excreted.
Various pains Due to the increase in blood flow, the hardened, shrunken, and blocked microvessels begin to recover their elasticity. Pushing from the back and blocking the front will pull the surrounding tissues, causing local muscle soreness, pain, and tingling. This is a serious blockage of muscle microcirculation.
Stomach pain with vomiting, gas Stomach disease, bile reflux gastritis, atrophic gastritis, etc., this is a manifestation of repairing, detoxifying, and improving gastric function.
Pain in the bile area It is a manifestation of the blood vessels that were originally blocked by blood stasis, and the liver tissue is dredged and decomposed, and the function is gradually restored.
Abdominal pain, distending pain, extreme discomfort Pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine malposition, uterine fibroids, etc.
Hip bone, cervical spine, lumbar spine, soreness, tingling pain A manifestation of rheumatic, rheumatoid, femoral ostitis, the more painful it is, the more serious it is.
Lumbago, Backache, Lumbar Distension Nephritis, kidney stones, bladder stones, ureteral stones and other disease reactions; a manifestation of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, loosening stones, and restoring elasticity of blood vessels.
Snooze, sleepless There are too many toxins in the body, the blood is acidic, and the liver is sick. The detoxification and repair of the liver must be completed during sleep, which is an inevitable response to repair.

*The above information is for reference only!

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