sick steps

Stages of possible serious sickness:
1 Deficiency → 2 Cold → 3 Dampness → 4 Coagulation → 5 Stasis → 6 Blockage → 7 Tumor → 8 Cancer
Corresponding symptoms:
1 itch → 2 sore → 3 swelling → 4 pain → 5 numbness → 6 paralysis → 7 stroke → 8 loss of consciousness
1. 【Deficiency】symptom: tiredness, fatigue, drowsiness, lack of energy;
2. 【Cold】Synptom: Afraid of cold, afraid of blowing of the air conditioner, feeling cold at night when sleeping;
3. 【Dampness】symptom: It is like wearing wet clothes on a rainy day, making the body feel heavy and uncomfortable;
4. [Coagulation] Syndrome: slow circulation metabolism, easy body ache;
5. 【Stasis】symptom: soreness, numbness, distending pain, black and purple spots from scraping;
6. 【Blocking】Symptom: too many things are blocked for a long time, and they accumulate into lumps;
7. 【Tumor】symptom: easy to get sick, quantitative change to qualitative change to form a tumor;
8. [Cancer] Cancer: tumor upgrade is cancer, spreading everywhere, challenging life.
For comparison, what stage is your body in?
Stuck in the heart - called stalk
Blocked in the liver - called a tumor
Blocked in the uterus - called fibroids
Blockage in the mammary gland - called hyperplasia
Clogged in the face - called acne
Clogged in the skin - called a pimple
Stuck in the leg - called varicose
Blocked in the mucous membrane - called a cyst
Blocked in the neck - called cervical spondylosis
Blocked in blood vessels - called microcirculation disorder
Blockage in the thyroid gland - called a nodule
Blocked in capillaries - called tumors
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